What sacrifices do you need to take in order to achieve your goal?

It's easy to think and dream about what we could do but incredibly difficult to accept the pains and trade-offs that come with it.

How creative geniuses maximized their odds of creating a masterpiece

Shakespeare, Mozart, Picasso, Albert Einstein all produced a huge volume of work throughout the years.

19 Traction Channels

Viral marketing, public relations, unconventional PR, search engine marketing, social ads, SEO, content marketing and so on.

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The Ultimate Go Study Guide

For the last 3 months or so, I have spent most of my free time putting together Ultimate Go Study Guide into a 200-page book.

Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann

Principles and practicalities of data systems and how to build data-intensive applications.

The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick

How to talk to customers and learn if your business is a good idea when everyone is lying to you.

The Effective Engineer by Edmond Lau

How to leverage your efforts in software engineering to make a meaningful impact.

A Guide to the Good Life by William Braxton Irvine

Psychological techniques and advice to practice Stoicism for attaining a good life.