Grokking the Coding Interview's Merge Intervals

Merge intervals, Insert interval, Intervals intersection, Conflicting appointment

Grokking the Coding Interview's Fast and Slow Pointers

Linked list cycle, Start of a linked list cycle, Happy number, Middle of a linked list, Palindrome linked list, Reorder a linked list

Grokking the Coding Interview's Two Pointers

Pair with target sum, Remove duplicates, Squaring a sorted array, Dutch national flag problem

Grokking the Coding Interview's Sliding Window

Average of any contiguous subarray of size k, Maximum sum of any contiguous subarray of size k, Smallest subarray with a given sum, Longest substring with k distinct characters, Fruits into baskets

LeetCode's Binary tree

Validate binary search tree, Maximum depth of binary tree, Minimum depth of binary tree, Balanced binary tree, Binary tree maximum path sum

LeetCode's Linked List

Merge sorted linked list, Add two numbers, Swap nodes in pairs

Augmenting Long-term Memory by Michael Nielsen

Investigation of a personal memory system, Anki, improve the long-term memory.

LeetCode's Math

Reverse integer, Plus one, Palindrome number

LeetCode's Array/String

Two sum I, II, Valid palindrome, Implement strstr(), Reverse words in string, Longest substring without repeating characters, Missing ranges, One edit distance

Interview Cake's Linked Lists

Delete node, Linked list has a cycle, Reverse a linked list, Kth to last node