• Happiness (H) = S (Biological happiness set point) + C (Life conditions) + V (Voluntary activities).
    • Each person has a characteristic level of happiness that each is born with.
    • It’s not a set point but a range.
    • The challenge is to understand C and V in order to push H to the top of the range.
  • The 2 biggest parts of C are love and pursuing the right goals.
  • V are things that we choose to do, not that we have to, such as meditation, exercise, learning new things and so on.
    • We can increase our happiness if we use your strengths, particularly in the service of strengthening connections such as helping friends, expressing gratitude to benefactors.
    • According to the progress principle, pleasure comes more from making progress toward a goal than from achieving them. That said, we should take the initiative and perform gratifying activities regularly.