For nearly three years, James Clear has pushed out a new article on his blog every Monday and Thursday. No matter how long, short, compelling an article was, it got published on the site on time. He said that he wanted to write consistently to find his voice, build an audience, churn through average ideas to discover great ones. He didn’t know whether an article was popular or not, but he believed that if he did not miss a day, he would eventually become a better writer and hopefully make it big someday.

We all knew the result. James became extremely well-known for his blog. As of today, he has 10 million people visited his site per year. Along with that, he has sold over 1 million copies of his books and has spoken at tons of major events. All thanks to a simple strategy that he setup in the very beginning when he first started: publish an article consistently every Monday and Thursday.

So, what can we learn? What are the key takeaways here?

First, consistency is key. It doesn’t matter what is it that you’re doing, if you show up consistently, stick to the schedule, reflect frequently, it is not guaranteed that you will be successful but it is extremely possible that you’ll become better at your craft.

Second, instead of focusing on goal setting alone, focus on designing a good system. As for the case of James Clear, instead of focusing on attracting million of fans or selling 1 million book copies (goal), he focused on publishing every Monday and Thursday (system), playing the long game while building his site and his audience. His success did not come overnight but hours of hours writing, planning week by week.

That’s it! If you’re interested in learning more about how to design better goals and systems and James Clear’s Goal Setting technique, feel free to check out my definitive guide here and Motion. If you’re curious about how I am using it on a daily basis, check out my public page here.