• Admin: add/modify members
  • Member: seach for other members, groups, pages, posts, as well as send friend requests, create posts
  • System: send notifications for new messages, friend requests


  • Admin: add/modify products and users
  • Member: search the catalog, add/remove items to the shopping cart, options to pay
  • System: send notifications for orders and shipping updates


  • Member: search for other members, companies or jobs, send requests for connection, create posts
  • System: send notifications for new messages, connections invites

Stack Overflow

  • Admin: add/modify members
  • Member: search/view/add/modify questions, answers, and comments
  • Moderator: same as member, in addition to which one can close/delete/undelete any question
  • System: send notifications, assign badges to members

Library Management System

  • Librarian: add/modify books and users
  • Member: search the catalog, check-out, reserve, renew, return books
  • System: send notifications for overdue books, cancel reservations

Parking Lot

  • Admin: add/modify parking spots and attendants
  • Customer: have parking tickets, options to pay

Movie Ticket Booking

  • Admin: add/modify movies, tickets, customers
  • Customer: view movie schedules, book/cancel tickets
  • System: send notifications for new movies, bookings, cancellations

Card Game

  • Dealer: deal cards and game resolution
  • Player: places bets, accept/decline offered resolution

Hotel Management System

  • Member: search the available rooms, make bookings
  • Receptionist: add/modify rooms, create room bookings, check-in, and check-out customers
  • System: send notifications for room booking, cancellation
  • Manager: add/modify housekeeping/service record of rooms

Restaurant Management System

  • Receptionist: add/modify tables, layout, reservations
  • Waiter: take/modify orders
  • Manager: add/modify the menu
  • Chef: view/work on an order
  • Cashier: generate checks and process payments
  • System: sending notifications, table reservations, cancellations

Stock Brokerage System

  • Admin: add/modify members
  • Member: search the stock inventory, buy/sell stocks
  • System: send notifications for stock orders