2 years ago, in August 2019, I shared this Ultimate Go Study Guide project on GitHub and started to see some interest from the community.

1 year ago, in August 2020, the project had over 11K stars, 900 forks with the help of more than 20 contributors. At the same time, I published The Ultimate Go Study Guide eBook because many people had asked for an eBook version.

Only a few months later, Bill Kennedy reached out with an opportunity for both of us to publish the book on Amazon and make it even more accessible for everyone.

Now, today in August 2021, I’m happy to share the good news that the book is now available on Amazon and it’s called “Ultimate Go Notebook”.

Here is the link to the product page β†’.

Once again, I want to thank Bill and the Ardan team for your understanding and support over the last year. Additionally, I want to thank all of the Ultimate Go Study Guide’s supporters for taking the time and making the effort to not just contribute to the project, but help share and send your detailed feedback. This book exists because of all of you.

Happy reading and happy coding!